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AMIAC works with a number of data management companies across Asia. Our partners provide a full range of direct marketing services to facilitate clients to expand their business across Asia. Services provided including:
List Compilation Service
Reaching the right targets is the key in exploring your market. Rented lists provide you with up-to-date contacts information of your right target segment.
Direct Mailing Service
Direct mail is one of the most popular promotion channels in marketing. It sends your message directly into your prospects' mailboxes.
Direct Delivery Service
Direct Delivery or Door Drop of mail or promotional items into mailboxes of households, offices/ factories, outdoor distributions of handbills or samples.
Email Marketing Service
Email provides two-way communication channel to capture new prospects, build up strong relationship with existing customers and track consumer behaviour.
Telemarketing Service
Call centre provides telesales, survey, help desk arrangements and supports to other marketing efforts.
Fax Marketing Service
Excellent B2B promotion channel allows high volume broadcasting of a single message to multiple recipients.
Search Engine Marketing Service
This is a highly targeted marketing channel. By tailor made targeted website description with selected keywords which best reflect your products or services, you advertise to customers who are searching on web for what you are selling. This is a superb online marketing solution to generate sales and to drive prospective customers to your website.
Lettershop Service
Lettershop service caters all letter-preparation needs including addressing, sorting, labeling, stamping, folding and more.
Database Management Service
Customer data is an asset to every company. Good database management allows you to maximize customer loyalty as well as ROI through various CRM programs.
Redemption & Fulfillment Service
Redemption centre & courier services supports CRM project from the start to completion.
Strategic Consulting Service
Strategic consultants give advice on maximizing value over time, increasing sales, reducing costs, increasing customer loyalty and delivering record-breaking ROI
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Asian Market Information & Analysis Centre (AMIAC) is a leading business information and data management company focusing on Asia area. We specialize in providing latest and high quality market information and services to facilitate business organizations to expand into Asian markets.
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