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Latest Marketing Data Reports (for Business to Business Use only) are now published!
Newly exclusive marketing data reports and business directories are available NOW! To grab more business opportunities in Asia, please contact (852) 21041958 for details.
Business directory Publishing and Brokerage
AMIAC is a directory publisher as well as a broker. Whether you are looking for a business directory or having one to be introduced into the Asia Market, AMIAC is your ideal partner for it.
Marketing Solutions
AMIAC has a full service call center and redemption center. We provide one-stop data-relating services from data capturing to data mining to meet the needs of our customers.
Direct Marketing Services
By working with our strategic partners in Asia, AMIAC provides a full range of direct marketing services, namely:
- Database Marketing
- Direct Mailing
- Direct Delivery & Lettershop
- Email & Fax Marketing
- Telemarketing
- Redemption & Fulfillment Service
- Search Engine & Social Media Marketing
- Green Database Management
- Asia Direct Marketing
- China Direct Marketing
- Strategic Consulting Service

Marketing Solutions
Direct Marketing Services
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Asian Market Information & Analysis Centre (AMIAC) is a leading business information and data management company focusing on Asia area. We specialize in providing latest and high quality market information and services to facilitate business organizations to expand into Asian markets.
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